Sunday, 9 December 2012


I saw this in a church in Great Haywood I thought it was amusing, I won’t say thought provoking, because I think
that is a pompous term, but it is interesting.
DSCF6185It is two things. A quick glance it is just a happy face and seems somewhat out of place in a church yard., but look again it’s a trio, maybe an adult bending down to give comfort to two children. Or the church welcoming new believers. See it how you will.DSCF6184What is also interesting, whether by design or accident,
is the two pools of water on the inside (which will, of course, dry up in better weather). Although it is very carefully crafted in side so I suppose it must be by design.
DSCF6183It is a metaphor, a simply delightful metaphor, and
you don't have to be a god botherer to appreciate it.
It is a touchy feely piece if you go to see it you most certainly must put your hands on it.

DSCF6181It’s fab!

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