Thursday, 6 December 2012


Starbucks are to pay £20 million over the next 2 years whether or not they make a profit. It doesn't matter if they make a profit in the next two years. They OWE us!!

For 14 years they say they have not made a profit. Sorry I don’t believe them.

One year, after declaring a loss to HMRC, at a meeting of the shareholders they said they had made £59,000,000 and that making money in the UK was easy. Can one believe anything they say.

The announcement today sounded like they were making a ‘donation’ to UKPLC. I cannot believe that a big company like Starbucks, who pay wages at the lower end of not decent, is not making a huge profit. Donation! They should be in court as you or I would be. HMRC told me in 2000 while I was working abroad, but my paymaster was in the UK:-

“If you earn money in this country you pay tax on it”

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