Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Banks

The banks screwed it all up, big time. They came to the government with bowler hat in hand. The government shelled out billions of taxpayers hard earned money to bail out the banks for which there was to be NO accountability. The taxpayers were up in arms and rightly so. The same banks who the taxpayer bailed out are now foreclosing on taxpayers mortgages and making those people homeless. Of course those taxpayers have let their mortgages get in arrears, well we live in difficult times. As it happens these difficult times were caused by the very bankers the taxpayer had to bail out. Now excuse me but . . . . . . has the word ‘compassion’ been removed from the banker’s vocabulary – YES! Did their mothers never teach them to be thankful when someone hauled their worthless arses out of the mire. Obviously no! It seems that if you are a banker you are not expected to pay for your mistakes, where as if you are a bank helper taxpayer you will be pilloried for being ill, out of work, or less educated, because you’re not a banker. Not being a banker means you are not in David’s Gang and as such are worthless. Just cannon fodder. So now it is time to write a letter to David.

Dear @David_Cameron
We are NOT all in this TOGETHER, you do NOT share our PAIN. You CANNOT possibly begin to understand how it feels to be HOMELESS. Either sort out the banks properly or get out.

Signed the taxpayers.


Captain Ahab said...

I fear you are holding back Maffi....

Dave Bradshaw said...

Only if it would go with Bolognaise
Its cooking Dave