Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Weston to Stone

I moored up in Weston last night. It seemed to me to be quite a nice place. However on the length of 200 yards of towpath I cleared three bin liners full of rubbish including at least 20 bags of doggie doo doo.

People often say to me “Oh you are doing a grand job.” Which is nice but even nicer would be if they had a carrier bag or two and picked up some rubbish. Then and only then would I be doing a grand job. We all need to get involved. By the time I arrived at Stone I had 5 bags of rubbish and the biggest traffic cone I have ever seen.



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Allan said...

I find it so hard to understand, why people are so ready to give their praise, when they see or hear of someone doing something for the community. But do little themselves to try and improve it personally. Talk is cheap we get that from the politicians’ with no results. They don’t know what it means to get their hands dirty. So next time you fancy a nice walk into the country side, or by the canal, try taking one of the many carrier bags you have in doors and pick some litter up. I’m not saying do a Maffi and bag everything you see but just 1 carrier bag of rubbish taken and put in your own bin will make a difference, not to mention it will be 1 bag less for Maffi . Regards to all please make a difference don’t just talk about the difference others make. And thanks to all who do pick up litter.