Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Woodend to Happy Birthday

I took a long walk this morning all the way to Woodend Lock. Woodend is a very picturesque Lock on the Trent and Mersey canal not too far from Fradeley Junction. You may have heard of it, even if you haven’t been there. It is the place where some very clever design/architect/idiot planned to take the HS2 over the canal at ‘1’ yes one metre above the water. That has fortunately been addressed now. I thought there was a law that prevented any development from blocking or destroying any old canal routes. Maybe I was wrong.

DSCF5797Anyway during my walk I found various wood piles which might be depleted when I leave on my way. I expect to get to Rugeley but no further tomorrow.

Arriving back at the junction I sat a while talking to Rick (he of the Swan pub). I mentioned that I would be staying today because it was my birthday and I was planning on lunch at his establishment.

I went home to wash my hands change my coat and duly arrived in the pub just after one. I ordered my lunch and a pint of Murphy’s. The girl said the pint was on the house. This was most appreciated. As I finished my lunch the singing started. “Happy Birthday to you ……..” and out came a slice of cream sponge cake with a candle in. I just love these people up here. I might not go back home again. DSCF5802

Later in the evening Nev Wells arrived with his new boat. He took me into the pub and bought me a couple of pints. So you people in Oxford … I don’t know you any more … bye.

Smile with tongue out


Kevin said...

Happy Birthday Maffi, Sounds like you had a good one :)

MortimerBones said...

I came accross your blog while searching for Christmas Markets in Oxford. I was a bit puzzled but I think it was because this post mentioned Oxford. It seems that you used to live around there?
Happy Birthday. I hope you had a good time.

Oakie said...

Looks like you enjoyed your birthday Matey. A belated best wishes form me.

Dave Bradshaw said...

Have a good one Dave B

Nev Wells said...

It was nice to meet up and share a couple of pints. They are a good lot in the pub, now I have my bigger boat I expect to spend a few more evenings in the mucky duck!

Have a good cruise


krn russell said...

happy bro


sorry its late

Starcoaster said...

Ah, the Mountie always gets his man... And Maffi always gets his cake. :)

Jaqueline Biggs said...

Happy belated birthday Maffi. We are glad to see you are being treated well!
Jaq and Les