Thursday, 31 January 2013

In the tunnel. . . .

. . . . I met Victoria Beckham. She seemed to be holding on for dear life.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Prime Objective

So I have left the Macclesfield canal. I find myself back at Stoke. The main purpose of my visit to the Macc was to take a photograph of Milly M in a bridge hole.
DSCF7097I am not actually sure this is the right bridge but the other contender was inaccessible for this shot.

More pictures from Harecastle!

I don’t think the moorers are looking after it.



Sunday, 27 January 2013

Look Ma, no ice.

Last night we had rain, lots of rain. Thunder and lightning and more rain. From where I am moored I could see no ice this morning so by 09.30 I had cast off and was on my way south. I was a bit shocked to see ice at GOYT but it wasn’t too bad. Down the way a bit it was near on an inch thick still. I reversed the half mile back to where I started. I will try again tomorrow. Pah!

Norty boy!

This is apparently what UKIP think of gay people. Somehow I cant see them winning an election anytime soon.


Sorry nicked it off Twitter

Saturday, 26 January 2013




It is not often that I set to and do the house work, moreover when I do it doesn’t get finished, mainly because it doesn’t take much to distract me from the job. Yesterday I wiped down the walls in the living room (lots of dust). I then started on the kitchen (galley for those of you who only speak ‘boat’). This was okay until I got to the work surface under the side hatch.

Now my boat is built with Ash panels and trimmed with Sapele. The work surface is also Ash and Sapele. It was varnished with water based varnish. This is not a good idea, especially under the sidehatch. Over the years it has worn off and dirt has got in the grain. I have for sometime been meaning to resurface the same.

So after wiping it down I thought to myself, “Self, it’s time to do the top.” I set to scrubbing the dirt out of the grain, then I sanded it down to the best finish I could achieve. I will spend a bit longer working on it tomorrow, but it looks good, and will look better with 2/3 coats of proper varnish. Of course they don’t make yacht varnish anymore but I have the next best thing, Its My Favourite.

Needless to say the housework is still in progress!

Friday, 25 January 2013

You’re grounded!!!


IN/OUT IN/OUT shake it all about.

So the long awaited procrastination from ‘Dave’ on our future in the EU has arrived. He has been spouting this sort of shit for so long he no longer knows what is real and what is bollocks. That he thinks the British population will fall for this pile of crap just goes to show the low pinion he has of his voters.

“If you vote for us at the next election I will put
an IN/OUT referendum in our election manifesto.”

Question: What is the legality of an election manifesto either before or after the election?

Answer: ZIP the manifesto has no legal standing whatsoever.

David Cameron can say anything he wants to in the manifesto it doesn’t mean ‘shit’. After the election he can chuck it in the bin and never mention it again. A manifesto is a document of promises to be broken. And he knows full well that to honour the IN/OUT is not part of the plan, his plan, or we would have had the referendum already.

The money we will be giving the EU before the ‘proposed’ referendum would go a long way to paying off our national debt. Why is DC so intent on keeping us in? Does he really have some knowledge of the EU that no one else has, maybe, or is he just after lining his own pockets, I would think the latter?

Whether we stay in or leave will never be our choice. David will not be the PM after the next election anyway so he will be blameless. The Labour party have said, ‘We are staying in’. The Lib-Dems don’t have a chance of winning and UKIP wont come to power for another 15-20 years. We are being conned!!!

Cameron is a liar, and a conman. He has no intention of giving us a referendum any more than I am going to win the Nobel prize for journalism or literature. Of course this is only my personal opinion. If you look closely the next time you are sitting on the crapper you may well see this written on the back of the door.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Rock no Roll

Yesterday I went for water. A simple task, but made less simple by circumstances. I untied the ropes, pushed the boat away, jumped on board. BIG mistake! I really must check the boat will be able to complete the task before I cast off. Once away from the bank I selected reverse and ……..nothing! Once again the gearbox had let me down.

Well there I was in the middle of the canal with no motive power, needing to go backwards. I went down the gunwales collecting the long shaft on the way. I made myself comfortable on the gas locker and began to punt back to the water point. The WP taps were not supplying water but the two cisterns were working as was the elsan tap. Yeah I know, not the best option but it was either that or STINK!

I removed the brass fitting from the tap with a pair of mole grips and cleaned the tap with a DETTOL wipe then used my hose fittings to connect to the tap and filled my tank. During the time it was filling I called the RCR and got  a mechanic for 10.30 in the morning. Which, as I wasn’t going anywhere,  was OK.

I punted back to where I stared and just before I got there (about one boat length) I got caught on a rock under the water. Apparently every one knows its there! The coping stones are painted blue to indicate the location. BLUE!!! WTF”!!! What does blue paint mean? I mean blue, why blue? Why not red or a sign. Even if I knew what blue paint meant we have SNOW!!! I haven’t seen any blue paint and I have been here a week already

FFS CRT get your act together. If the sign says 48 hours I expect to moor not get grounded on a F**ing great rock!!

A Bench

I thought it was a bit odd to mount a bench at the lock side and in front of a bollard. I do appreciate that people have their favourite spots, but when they pop off I don’t think their memorial benches should be placed so! However . . . .DSCF6943. . . . I do rather like the inscription.DSCF6944

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My favourite lift bridge

I find it amazing that the bridge at Thrupp has failed and CRT has failed. The bridge fails to lift because the hydraulic oil has thickened in the cold weather. I find this very difficult to believe it didn’t do it last year or the year before. Maybe it just need the oil changing, it’s been in there a while now. Aircraft hydraulic fluid is good for –56oC I have never known there to be a problem with that.

CRT has failed because when the bridge was installed it was supposed to be fixed with an engineer on site within two hours. The bridge is currently out of action and the navigation closed for at least 24 hours. Doh!


I am sure this should say,’ Dog Faeces ARE unpleasant’.


Monday, 21 January 2013


Prompted by a blog reader I find today that Dai, the skipper of Jandai has had a heart attack whilst out walking the dog. He passed away on Monday last week. I moored near Jandai at Braunston last year and regret making no more than a passing ‘hello’ as they walked Foxxie Dog past my boat. My condolences to Jan and her family.


Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Flicks

Thursday, or was it Friday, I went to the pictures. I say pictures and not cinema or multi-plex because it really was a picture house the kind we used to have way back when.

Just the one screen. The seating was 12 across and about 20 deep + the circle. There was an intermission with an usherette who sold ice-cream from a tray like they used to.

Do you remember the ticket dispenser stainless steel plate on the counter in a tiny kiosk and the ticket came out of a slot Marked ‘Stalls’ or ‘Circle’? There were radiators all along the wall and drapes all the way to the ceiling.

Not the biggest fleapit but very nostalgic. The sound was fab. Not too loud  but loud enough. It came from speakers at the front of the house. Simple stereo no surround sound like today.

Over all a great nostalgic experience.

Oh I forgot. I saw Les Miserables. Fantastic film really enjoyed it. Quartet next week if the ice hasn't melted. Ho hum!

Dogs and snow

I love the snow . Everything is so clean and pristine, but drop a a turd on it and the surrounding snow will melt  and it becomes prominent. This morning I must have seen more than 20 fresh deposits between bridges 2 & 3 while out with Molly.

Of course the snow confuses dogs. They generally crap on the green stuff, but now with the green stuff and the brown stuff covered with a layer of white stuff they don't know to do doo dooos on the white covered green stuff. They just poop anywhere!

Of course its not their fault, but inconsiderate owners. Add to them the bag it and chuck it bunch and you will find it is not a small minority, but quite a big minority that are shitting all over the country. And do they care? NO!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Down off the canal


Arriving in Marple

My arrival in Marple on Tuesday was heralded by Michelle on nbJust Imagine who invited me aboard for a cuppa for which I was very thankful having just come eleven miles breaking ice all the way. I was freezing, Molly too!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Macclesfield: The Gurnett

Last night after a long walk into town I returned to the Gurnett and had a drink at the Old Kings Head. The locals are very friendly. I found out a few things about the canal and the surrounding area. Little gems like this which was attached to a cottage that I can see from my window. DSCF6845
I also had the good fortune to meet a young man name by the name of Roger Dibnah who is so like his father. The old adage “the apple doesn't fall far from the tree,” definitely applies here. I was invited to go along and see some steam engines this morning but unfortunately was unable to find the location, probably due to the late hour that directions were given and of course the quantity of Guinness imbibed.

I am having a day off today!

Friday, 11 January 2013

Macclesfield Canal

It is Friday. I navigated the Harecastle tunnel this afternoon and made my way to the Macclesfield Canal. I saw three dead ducks floating in the water in the first mile up to Red Bull Basin. This may have had something to do with the amount of diesel on the water which was covered edge to edge from before the junction up past Red Bull Basin. There were also several dead fish. Sorry I cant pick up diesel with a litter picker! Have reported it to CRT.



Sunday, 6 January 2013

Legard Bridge

Amazing! In my engine hand book it says you must install a flexible coupling between the engine and the prop shaft. One can only assume that Legard Bridge Boats can’t f****ing read. Why else would they have fitted a rigid coupling. Such a shit they went out of business a while back.

Saturday, 5 January 2013


My gear box spat its oil out today. Now I am really pissed!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

The inverter

Well I have the paper work. I had to download it then take it to the library to print it. Of course the library computers wouldn’t print the PDF files so I had to take a screen shot, copy it into Paint, then put the pictures into word to print. What a palaver! Its a bloody long walk to the library. On my way back I saw some polystyrene packing in an insurance agents. I stopped in and asked if I could have it, it being destined for the landfill I assumed. Well they were only too glad to get rid of it. So now I have packing for my Combi unit. Hoorah! Brown paper and possibly cardboard box next. I left my mem-stick in the library computer. Doh!

The generator I borrowed ran out of petrol today so I set off to ASDA 24 hour and bought a petrol can and filled it. ASDA is about 2 miles I think. Bloody long walk with 5 ltrs of petrol and two bottles of wine. Well it was on offer!

Anyway I send the inverter to Luton they assess it and send it to Holland they fix it and relieve me of 500 sovs. Of course Only Holland has the circuit boards and they aren't selling them. That’s what the EU calls free trade.

If any Dutch people are going home to Holland for a trippette. Get in touch we could do a deal, maybe

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Stoke Rocks!!!

Well what a day. The generator brought by daughter’s  partner didn’t do the starting I expected. It kept hunting and never reached the voltage required. So I appealed on here Facebook and Twitter. Andrew called first he had a generator. Which he duly brought to my boat. Unfortunately the problem appeared to be my inverter/charger . It would simply not allow Andrew’s genny to go on line and there was a smell of burning electrics. Thank you very much Andrew at least we proved it is my inverter at fault (Big Bucks).

However ‘Paul who reads my blog’ called and asked if he could help. It is good he offered the loan of a whisper gen and charger so I could at least have light, which I duly accepted. I also asked for him to bring a pair of jump leads. One of these I used to connect the engine start battery negative directly to the engine block hey presto the engine started. This had the effect of charging the engine start battery and the leisure batteries. So now I not only have hot water but I have electric too. The whisper gen I ran to charge my lappy. No AC for the time being.

My inverter will have to go away to be fixed, I think, but at least I now have the answer to many of my problems. This has two outcomes; first I will have to stay here a week or so while I wait for its return, second. there is a beautiful park up the road that needs some serious Maffi attention.


Stoke on Trent

07746 Is there anyone in or near Stoke that can help me out with a mains generator for half an hour. 369595

Lost keys

The other day I lost my keys. On a couple of occasions I closed the boat up and just left it unlocked when I needed to go out. It was three days later when I eventually saw my keys hanging here by the front door. I never hang them there!