Saturday, 26 January 2013


It is not often that I set to and do the house work, moreover when I do it doesn’t get finished, mainly because it doesn’t take much to distract me from the job. Yesterday I wiped down the walls in the living room (lots of dust). I then started on the kitchen (galley for those of you who only speak ‘boat’). This was okay until I got to the work surface under the side hatch.

Now my boat is built with Ash panels and trimmed with Sapele. The work surface is also Ash and Sapele. It was varnished with water based varnish. This is not a good idea, especially under the sidehatch. Over the years it has worn off and dirt has got in the grain. I have for sometime been meaning to resurface the same.

So after wiping it down I thought to myself, “Self, it’s time to do the top.” I set to scrubbing the dirt out of the grain, then I sanded it down to the best finish I could achieve. I will spend a bit longer working on it tomorrow, but it looks good, and will look better with 2/3 coats of proper varnish. Of course they don’t make yacht varnish anymore but I have the next best thing, Its My Favourite.

Needless to say the housework is still in progress!


Perry said...

I have had very good results with this product. Granted it is not the stuff of yore when windjammers rounded the Horn,butit works well and doesn't cost a fortune.



Anonymous said...

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