Friday, 25 January 2013

IN/OUT IN/OUT shake it all about.

So the long awaited procrastination from ‘Dave’ on our future in the EU has arrived. He has been spouting this sort of shit for so long he no longer knows what is real and what is bollocks. That he thinks the British population will fall for this pile of crap just goes to show the low pinion he has of his voters.

“If you vote for us at the next election I will put
an IN/OUT referendum in our election manifesto.”

Question: What is the legality of an election manifesto either before or after the election?

Answer: ZIP the manifesto has no legal standing whatsoever.

David Cameron can say anything he wants to in the manifesto it doesn’t mean ‘shit’. After the election he can chuck it in the bin and never mention it again. A manifesto is a document of promises to be broken. And he knows full well that to honour the IN/OUT is not part of the plan, his plan, or we would have had the referendum already.

The money we will be giving the EU before the ‘proposed’ referendum would go a long way to paying off our national debt. Why is DC so intent on keeping us in? Does he really have some knowledge of the EU that no one else has, maybe, or is he just after lining his own pockets, I would think the latter?

Whether we stay in or leave will never be our choice. David will not be the PM after the next election anyway so he will be blameless. The Labour party have said, ‘We are staying in’. The Lib-Dems don’t have a chance of winning and UKIP wont come to power for another 15-20 years. We are being conned!!!

Cameron is a liar, and a conman. He has no intention of giving us a referendum any more than I am going to win the Nobel prize for journalism or literature. Of course this is only my personal opinion. If you look closely the next time you are sitting on the crapper you may well see this written on the back of the door.


Allan said...

Well he did say IF they win and IF this and IF that and IF you are a twat and vote for his party then you Deserve what you get, and what you get is to bend over and get shafted up the rear end for another 5 years.

Perry said...

Only mugs fall for Cameron's spiel. That includes all the hacks in the MSM. TEU Article 50 states "Any Member State may decide to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements."

Article 50 must be invoked, giving us up to two years of negotiation before our BREXIT. As Cameron does not want us to leave the EU, the EU does not have to negotiate. Article 50 is the only way to get a deal.

Cameron has never had a proper job, so he knows nothing about "walk away" power. Buyer makes a very low offer for a car, the seller refuses and the buyer turns to walk away. The seller has to negotiate or lose the sale. Negotiate from strength.

BTW, invoking Article 50 and forcing the EU to negotiate would prompt other nations to apply the same leverage. It wouldn't take much to breach the dam.