Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Rock no Roll

Yesterday I went for water. A simple task, but made less simple by circumstances. I untied the ropes, pushed the boat away, jumped on board. BIG mistake! I really must check the boat will be able to complete the task before I cast off. Once away from the bank I selected reverse and ……..nothing! Once again the gearbox had let me down.

Well there I was in the middle of the canal with no motive power, needing to go backwards. I went down the gunwales collecting the long shaft on the way. I made myself comfortable on the gas locker and began to punt back to the water point. The WP taps were not supplying water but the two cisterns were working as was the elsan tap. Yeah I know, not the best option but it was either that or STINK!

I removed the brass fitting from the tap with a pair of mole grips and cleaned the tap with a DETTOL wipe then used my hose fittings to connect to the tap and filled my tank. During the time it was filling I called the RCR and got  a mechanic for 10.30 in the morning. Which, as I wasn’t going anywhere,  was OK.

I punted back to where I stared and just before I got there (about one boat length) I got caught on a rock under the water. Apparently every one knows its there! The coping stones are painted blue to indicate the location. BLUE!!! WTF”!!! What does blue paint mean? I mean blue, why blue? Why not red or a sign. Even if I knew what blue paint meant we have SNOW!!! I haven’t seen any blue paint and I have been here a week already

FFS CRT get your act together. If the sign says 48 hours I expect to moor not get grounded on a F**ing great rock!!


Anonymous said...

Was good to know you are able to punt in those circumstances! Well done!
It tells of ability in your strength cos I know how bloody difficult that is! However, it also brings home a point that so many boater/bloggers are 'suddenly' appearing to be VERY overweight. Christmas notwithstanding and iced in is no excuse! - but - come on the tellyTUBBIES!! Walkies is the way to knock out those poundies until the lockies let you use the gates(ies!) again!
Guess we could make 2013 the aim for sensible weight loss. My target is a stone ( 14 lbs) so what will be other folk targets? A whole year to achieve is allowed!! heeeeheeee...

Wozie said...

We had to resort to the water-tap in the Elsan last winter and did as you did, with no ill effects. There is always a way round things if you give it enough thought.
Good luck with the repairs, not really what you need in this weather.
Any news on the Inverter yet?

Malcolm said...

Hi Maffi
More problems! I hope RCR have solved the problem and you're mobile again.
It sounds like you're practicing for a summer job in Venice.