Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Stoke Rocks!!!

Well what a day. The generator brought by daughter’s  partner didn’t do the starting I expected. It kept hunting and never reached the voltage required. So I appealed on here Facebook and Twitter. Andrew called first he had a generator. Which he duly brought to my boat. Unfortunately the problem appeared to be my inverter/charger . It would simply not allow Andrew’s genny to go on line and there was a smell of burning electrics. Thank you very much Andrew at least we proved it is my inverter at fault (Big Bucks).

However ‘Paul who reads my blog’ called and asked if he could help. It is good he offered the loan of a whisper gen and charger so I could at least have light, which I duly accepted. I also asked for him to bring a pair of jump leads. One of these I used to connect the engine start battery negative directly to the engine block hey presto the engine started. This had the effect of charging the engine start battery and the leisure batteries. So now I not only have hot water but I have electric too. The whisper gen I ran to charge my lappy. No AC for the time being.

My inverter will have to go away to be fixed, I think, but at least I now have the answer to many of my problems. This has two outcomes; first I will have to stay here a week or so while I wait for its return, second. there is a beautiful park up the road that needs some serious Maffi attention.



Allan said...

Boat people are so nice and so helpful, well done Andrew at least you tried,way to go Paul you did the trick.

MortimerBones said...


Anonymous said...

Good to see you're on the way to getting it sorted.