Thursday, 3 January 2013

The inverter

Well I have the paper work. I had to download it then take it to the library to print it. Of course the library computers wouldn’t print the PDF files so I had to take a screen shot, copy it into Paint, then put the pictures into word to print. What a palaver! Its a bloody long walk to the library. On my way back I saw some polystyrene packing in an insurance agents. I stopped in and asked if I could have it, it being destined for the landfill I assumed. Well they were only too glad to get rid of it. So now I have packing for my Combi unit. Hoorah! Brown paper and possibly cardboard box next. I left my mem-stick in the library computer. Doh!

The generator I borrowed ran out of petrol today so I set off to ASDA 24 hour and bought a petrol can and filled it. ASDA is about 2 miles I think. Bloody long walk with 5 ltrs of petrol and two bottles of wine. Well it was on offer!

Anyway I send the inverter to Luton they assess it and send it to Holland they fix it and relieve me of 500 sovs. Of course Only Holland has the circuit boards and they aren't selling them. That’s what the EU calls free trade.

If any Dutch people are going home to Holland for a trippette. Get in touch we could do a deal, maybe


Anonymous said...

Download and install Cool PDF reader stand alone version on the stick and then run the app from the stick while in the library. Saves all the faffing about (assuming you remember the stick of course)


Allan said...

Would it not have been cheaper to have bought a new one.Looking at your Adchoices.

Maffi said...

It has to be a PSW you get what you pay for.