Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Why would the Birmingham City Council want to pay good money for a giant size booger? It snot good. Smile with tongue out



Steve Ayres said...

It certainly looks better than your latest haircut even if it was free !!!!. It's art as we Brummies know it and we are proud of it even if it seems strange to you southern ears (bloody wordspell) southerers

Maffi said...

I am glad you like it. Now can you explain it to me.

My haircut is not a work of art nor have I ever claimed it was.

If this peice of civic art cost £4.50 then it was a bargain, but it is a hollow snot ball and if Brumies think it is art then civic art is lost.

It is in a public space and I am allowed to comment.

My mother is a Brummie and our extended family live here still.

Wozie said...

I agree with you Maffi it seems to be a useless lump of metal, which is not even visually pleasing.
Loads of tourists get themselves photographed with the Bull in Birminghams Bullring shopping centre.
But who would want to be photographed with this?

grey wolf said...

Not the best example of art i must admit its one saving grace is that it has a attractive mottled appearance. In fighting to see a relevance for it i would suggest it is linked to the metal that was worked here but the fountains outside the new liberty are nicer if they haven't been removed.

I have pictures of a lot of the civic art around Brum most of which have been demolished or disappeared.