Thursday, 7 February 2013

Cross Keys

This is the pint of Guinness I was served at the Cross Keys in Penkridge exactly like that. It is a full pint. The glass is 24 fl/oz. This doesn’t seem to be a problem here so why is it everywhere else?

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John said...

Hi Maffi,

Oversized glasses are a good idea. However there are two problems with them at the moment.

1) The 'line' is often not very clear (white line against a white head) and is not always obvious to the drinker. Hence unnecessary requests for a top up (that's why Wetherspoons withdrew them several years ago). At the Birmingham Beer Festival this year the 'line' was red in colour which stood out much better.

2) 24 oz glasses are too large and (as your photo shows) the glass looks underfilled. Again, for those unaware it is an oversize glass, resulting in unnecessary requests for a top up. A 22 oz glass would be far more sensible, but apparently glass manufacturers do not make them that size.

If these two problems were addressed then I think more pubs would use oversize glasses, if for no other reason in that it stops beer being wasted as it flows over the top of a brim fill glass.