Friday, 22 February 2013

HS2 Phase 2

I am absolutely gobsmacked. When the Phase 1 plans were issued for HS2 the Trent & Mersey canal was crossed in two places near the picturesque Woodend lock at a height that would prevent the passage of narrowboats. (1m & 1.5m above the water level). Now with the release of the Phase 2 plans we are told that many canals will be affected by the rail plans.

Affected navigable waterways are:- Aire & Calder, Bridgewater, Coventry, Erewash, Middlewich Branch, Trent, Trent & Mersey, Sheffield & South Yorks, Soar.

But the main problem is those canal that are being restored albeit slowly. The new rail line will cut the Chesterfield Canal several times over a four mile stretch between the two restored sections at Staveley and Renishaw. This four mile stretch it was hoped would have a £2 million in lottery funding towards completing the link.

Not nearly so badly affected by the new line are the proposals to restore the Barnsley and Dearne & Dove Canals in Yorkshire. Also included is the northern end of the Ashby Canal at least here there would be enough headroom to build through the railway embankment.

Is it just me or are we all feeling bullied by the builders of this White Elephant.

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