Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Of all the dumb places to park a boat. With the exception of bridge holes this must be the narrowest part of the canal. What a muppet!



Nev Wells said...

Hi Maffie,

We see it a lot.... makes no sense as it just pushes boats close to their own and risks a front or rearender as boats cannot pass.

Hope the trip is still on schedule and enjoyable?


Anonymous said...

You dont park a boat you moor a boat...who,s the idiot ?????

Lyraboat said...

I agree! There are some thoughtless folk out there.

Allan said...

Park a boat? Is that ment to be moor a boat?
Don't you just like land lovers?

Maffi said...

Dear anonymous and Allan. If one is going to be an arse then yes the boat is parked. It is the norm to moor battleships and cruise liners. We are not sailors! Parking is perfectly adequate to describe the action.

And btw anon when writing a contraction of "who is" we use an apostrophe. Apostrophes are like this (') not (,). The latter is a comma. Now who's the idiot!!! If ya wanna be picky write ya own blog.

Lyraboat said...

Anonymous probably owned that boat!

Maffi said...

YOu might be right there Lyraboat