Saturday, 23 February 2013

Oh dear!

Dear Mr Anonymous we live in a democracy. If I choose to call my dog daft that is my prerogative. If I choose to comment on Gay marriage that is my prerogative. If I chose not to post your foul mouthed ramblings, yep you guessed it,  that too is my prerogative.
This is my blog and so I will not post your garbage. In all things democratic here I am the the final arbiter. Shall I spell that out for you? A-r-b-i-t-e-r. What that means is you are a twat with a little dick and no life. I think you can get a life at Poundland. Or maybe you have done that already.
Keep eating the horse burgers. Nite Nite.


Dave,Beryl Bradshaw said...

Nicely put Maffi We have a daft dog as well but we still love him. He never learns that dogs can't catch cats.And that the canal is cold.

Lisa said...

Dear Anon,
I like this blog, I like this blog just how it is, that is why I read this blog. I read several different blogs and admire the characters in each. Maybe you should write your own blog and leave this one alone.....? Then you might discuss dog emancipation and other such burning issues.
Yours !
Lisa Carr
Note I left my name.

Oakie said...

If he has a small dick, is his name Justin?

Philip Chota Memsahib ll said...

Say it like it is, Maffi
Have you been at Desperate Dan's Cow Pie?
I have a dispute with a neighbour. I will track you down for lessons in telling him what a T**t he is!

Bosun tells Molly to ignore you calling her daft

Yvonne said...

I thought it was the prerogative of ALL dogs to be daft? Ours would win a gold medal at the Daft Dog Olympics

Lyraboat said...

Well said!

Graham said...

Is there any point in having a dog that isn't daft? All dogs worth their salt let us believe that they're daft, as that is the only way they get away with half of it!