Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Brewood clean-up

I stayed in Brewood last night because I felt the need to clean up a bit between Bridges 13 & 14.DSCF7491 It’s a short stretch I am moored on complete with mooring rings. There are two picnic tables along the length, not just any old tables but really sturdy ones with a two inch thick top and seats. These are fixed to a block-paved floor for which the sloping embankment has been cut in a semi circle and walled with up-ended sleepers. It is I think you will agree quite nice, now.DSCF7490

In the past some boaters, who in the main didn’t give a shit, have used the tables as saw horses as testified by the myriad chainsaw cuts in the top and seats. Not only have they damaged the tables they have also left a copious quantity of sawdust and chippings where they fell surrounding the tables. So much so that were the weather suitable the tables would not have been unusable. One of the tables has had three of the four top planks removed no doubt cut up for firewood. If you are passing this way have a go at this oneDSCF7492

Both tables were like this

Any way I removed about six bag of collected debris and cleaned the brickwork as best I could with my shovel. At least now one of the tables can be used in the summer.

It seems there is a certain type of boater on this canal (the Shroppie) who use and abuse the system. Who never put anything back. Who never so much as clear up after their dogs. They do have their uses. Fallen trees don’t last long in the winter, falling prey to chainsaws, being cut up almost before they hit the ground. The smaller branches and the Ivy, a big feature of the cuttings here are abandoned on the towpath waiting for some unsuspecting walker to trip over them.

How CRT deal with these people I really don’t know, but we who find this behaviour irksome must hold steadfast to the belief that we are the only people who are going to clear up after these anti-social morons. Yes I know its not right, but if we don’t do it no one else will. It is important that we do this to redress the criticism that Continuous Cruisers are a skanky bunch of ne’er do wells who leave crap everywhere. We have to do this because no one else will. We have to do this because there is no money to pay for someone else to do it. I cannot stress how important it is that we all get off our high horses and take this task on-board. Together we can make a difference. Together we can make the canal a beautiful place to come visit.

Next time you are out on your boat or just walking make sure you have a carrier bag or bin liner. Collect all the litter you see everything that is not natural. It wont hurt to have a couple of black bags on the roof until you get to a disposal point. It doesn’t take long to tidy the place where you moor up. You can clear 100 yards either way or even a mile either way. Whatever you do, do something. Don’t just say “Its about time someone cleared up,” it ain’t gonna happen. We are none of us above making an effort, even if the skankeys don’t, we must.

Despite what the CRT think it is our canal and the solution is in our hands!


Anonymous said...

Maffi when I was doing a ring last year the one area which really needs a clean up is the Bordsley Junction and down the Garrison Locks
I dont know when I will be that way again and as we are Time share and restricted to our movements, I was really disappointed at how it has declined and entering the junction were several houses who were using the bank as a tip.
I didnt take any photoes, so cannot name and shame it is not boaters but the residents, as you have been activerly doing something, could you look into this. thank you for making the canals a better place
Ann Constable

Allan said...

1 person can make a diffrence nice work Maffi

Anonymous said...

B W used to employ people for £7.50hr to do the litter picking, then someone came up with a good idea that would save millions get people to do it for free.Now moor your boat up and done fall of your soap box into the cut as we idiots call it. You have only been at for 5mins and if you do not want people to reply than keep your catty remarks to ones self...

Les Biggs said...

Annon comment?
Publish what you want Maffi.
Fallen trees being removed by boaters is fine but not cutting in places such as you have highlighted. We always cut and split our wood in an out of the way place and mother nature takes care of the sawdust. Other than that we leave nothing behind.

Maffi said...

I dont recall BW ever cleaning up. But the situation is now that they certainly dont. We have to. Mr Anon I think you will find I have been at this for about four, yes, four years not 5 mins I hate it that BW/CRT are not paying people to work, but that's a different issue. Remember this if you aint part of the solution you ARE the PROBLEM.

If you respond to this read the bit that says anonymous in not an option.If you cant write your own name then please f**k off!

Dave,Beryl Bradshaw said...

Nicely Put

Allan said...

IS not an option i think you ment.

Robbie and Suzie said...

Brilliant job Maffi.....great philosophy and certainly one we will sign up to.....so very simple and so very rewarding.
Thank you for doing that!
Robbie and Suzie Conroy

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


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