Monday, 4 March 2013

Calcutt Lock Mooring

Been here at least two days. I wonder what his excuse was?



Old Salt said...

Hi Maffi
I don't know whether you knocked in passing me at Kate Boats but sorry if I wasn't in.
We plan to leave within the next few days bound for Tooley's at Banbury. Don't know whether we shall meet you around there then. But hope to pass up the Oxford on the way back from the Thames later in the year so will look out for you then.
All the best

A Heron's View said...

So if you observed that he was there for over two days, it means that you were also there for a similar length of time - No ?

Maffi said...

No I was just passing through. You will notice he is on a lock mooring, had I been parked a hundred yards behind him for the same time I would at least have been legal. The people who I travelled up with came down from Napton on Friday. He was there then and he was still there on Sunday when they were returning to Napton.
I only moor on a lock mooring when I am using the lock. Its one of the rules!

Maffi said...

Hello Peter, Yes I did. Will see you in Banbury.

Anonymous said...

I all ways thought you moored a boat not parked it

Maffi said...

I see you still cant read anon why dont you rev up and have sex..... somewhere else