Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A nice little earner!

Today I watched as an employee of Fountains, who you may recall are contracted to CRT for certain aspects of waterways maintenance, parked his van donned his self inflating life jacket and went to work. His tools? A bin liner and a litter picker. Thrupp has to be one of the cleanest places on the cut. We all pick up litter. Mr Fountain walked up the steps from the car park and walked down to Shipton bridge and back. I didn’t see him return. but his van wasn’t at Thrupp very long. I would guess he didn’t find enough litter to fill a pocket. I know for fact he did not litter pick the area around the benches near the lift bridge because after he had gone I picked up the litter there.

I would like to know how much this ‘nice little earner’ is taking away from the  maintenance budget? How much money, which would be better spent on dredging the canal, was wasted getting this lone man out to pick up a couple of dog-ends and an empty fag packet? (He missed a number of dog-ends, maybe his pocket was full).

If CRT want Fountains to litter pick on the canal I can show them where to go to get the best value for money.  Recently traveling from Hillmorton to Braunston I collected 9 large bags of litter from the canal.

I would hazard a guess if I walked that stretch of the canal in the morning I could pick up more rubbish than Fountain did, but I think Flick and Adam, who normally do it most days, will beat me to it.


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