Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Adrift in a tin box.

Today as I rode my bicycle down the tow path I happened across nb Vega 70777 across the canal. Both sets of pins pulled out (total 4) two of which were lost in the water. the bow was touching the other bank. Several boats had passed this way today and between them they had pulled out the pins. At least one of them had seen the boat adrift and pushed past it.

I have on several occasions been warned about a drifting boat by a passing boater and wonder why they told me. Why didn’t they just secure the boat. I am guessing to f***ing lazy or too f***ing important to waste time on someone else’s boat.

Economics aside, we are all in this together, if your(our) boat is pulled off its moorings by some speeding bastard then you(we) would probably like someone to secure it. That being the case then it is only fair that you(we) should all do the same when we come across a drifting boat.

If we/you cant manage to do this for each other then we/you might as well piss of home and fill in the canals. It’s all about camaraderie! Come on people get a grip. If we/you don’t have time to secure a boat we/you shouldn't be on the water, get a bus!!!

If you are mooring your boat spare a thought for the chap who may find it adrift. He will need a centre line (a proper one) and he will need a club hammer to reinsert your pins. Put them in your gas locker if you are worried about getting them nicked. I hate trying to moor up a boat with no centre line and pissy little bits of string at each end and no way of putting the pins in. It is damned inconsiderate.

And relax…………………………


Naughty-Cal said...

Note necessarily speeding boaters Maffi. We have come across boats very badly tied up on pins that however slowly you pass them they move around excessively.

Now im not saying that speeding boaters are not a problem because quite frankly they are but also that some people need to pay more attention to their mooring as well.

Oh and you wont find a centre rope on our boat. Cant abide them. More of a hinderance than a help.

Dave,Beryl Bradshaw said...

Here Here I was passed at speed while trying to moor nb Lichfield at Huddlesford on Coventry canal with the help of an old man walking his dog.Didn't even get a thank you from the boater. Beryl hanging on to Sokai while he shot past deadlines to meet.

Maffi said...

NC lasts nights boat was tied with springs. Unfortunately the banks down here are unstable. Those boaters that come this way need to realise we cant all moor on rings and slow right down. Of course with a phat plastic pig we wont be seeing you boat down here any timme soon.

Maffi said...

And that David is another bugbear. Boaters who are not aware of what is happening up in front and not understanding the effect their speeding boat is having on others, such as your self trying to moor.

Steve said...

Sorry Maffi, but I think you're wrong. You shouldn't leave a boat unattended on pins. It's not secure enough. Also, as you say the banks are unstable and you shouldn't put pins into an unstable bank. It's your responsibility to moor your boat securely for any eventuality, and this includes boats that may be going to fast. It's boaters who leave their boats unattended on pins in an unstable bank that are the ignorant bastards and don't deserve help.

Maffi said...

You are entitled to your opinion however wrong you may be,however we dont all have the luxury of rings and bollards. If a boater is in such a hurry he has to speed past any boat then he shouldn't be on a boat a bus would be better suited.

Surely the whole ethos of the canals is the slow time. Some people need to learn to slow down. The canal is not a motorway. If they want speed then there is the river.

Alan Fincher said...

Well we encountered a good one today, right across the cut near Leighton Buzzard.
Front end still tied to tow-path, back end in bushes opposite.
Having pulled over, I discover.....
1) No available centre rope
2) The boat has gunwales less than 2" wide, (well no gunwales, really!),and it is raining steadily - simply not safe to try walking along.
3) No easy way on to high roof, which is blocked by TV and other antennas.
So no choice but to go back to boat and gently push it around with combination of bow fender and OH brandishing a mop......
But there did at least prove to be a stake still attached to the lines - albeit not a very long one.
So tied up, but I wonder if it stayed that way a lot longer.
My advice is people need to buy proper stakes, and bigger hammers!