Wednesday, 17 April 2013


It seems to me the CRT will soon have the dredging problem sorted. They will not have to do a thing except sit back and let the internet do its stuff. It is getting to a point where there is a new group for boaters opening every week. If one can get an ‘internet browsing’ licence for their boat then they can claim to be Continuous Browsers thereby never moving so the canal can be allowed to silt up so reducing the maintenance cost. Silted canals mean people wont be going through any locks. They can be painted nice and pretty and never need to change the gates.

Keeping up with all the information about boating on the net I am surprised anyone has the time to go boating. I wonder what happened to the adventure of it all! What ever happened to just casting off and going. I am sorry but I do not believe that all that planning makes the journey anymore enjoyable than my trips, in fact I would think less so because there are no surprises.

When I set off for my winter journey I am often asked where I am going to. My reply is usually along the lines “I have to travel 50 miles north before I need to make a decision. I will worry about it when I get there.”

Last year I set off for the Macclesfield Canal to take a picture of Milly M in Bridge 77 I had no idea how to get there I did no planning other than filling up with diesel and topping up the fridge and wine rack. I had no idea where the stoppages were. I was held up for only one day at Stoke-on-Trent on the way back.

I do have Nicholson's maps and some GEO Project maps but I use them for daily travel and more importantly to find night stops otherwise known as pubs. To paw over them prior to leaving would be totally alien to me.

DSCF7097Macclesfield Canal Bridge 77


Dave,Beryl Bradshaw said...

Hear Hear who needs plans
easier when retied I must admit.

Anonymous said...

I don't like to hurt your feelings. But going to Macclesfield and back does not count as an adventure in my book. That is casual boating.


Dirty Pongo said...

Do yo mean the metal stuff or the black fabric stuff? I'm away again this weekend so will have a look see in the spares box for you.

Maffi said...

I didnt say it was, however think what you did in the winter, the two of you and compare what i did in the winter on my own without planning.

Maffi said...

DP the thick black stuff not the shiney stuff we get nowadays

nb.bobcat said...

Hi Maffi

The title of your post said 'adventure' so sorry if I got misled!

Plus quote

I wonder what happened to the adventure of it all! What ever happened to just casting off and going

end quote



Maffi said...

I see your point but it was all about other peoples planning and continual pawing of maps and internet hunting that was my point. Having said that if you have ever been boating with Bones every little trip even to the water point is an adventure. :P

nb.bobcat said...

Yes I realise putting Bones into the equation changes Everything!!!

I am glad she wasn't with me on the Trent!

:) tee hee