Monday, 29 April 2013

Blame everyone else!

I am sure that we all feel sorry for the two year old toddler that was found face down in the canal at Burnley on the Leeds and Liverpool. He is stable and expected to recover. So three cheers for the Emergency Services.

The child’s mother wants the waterway ‘fenced off’ to prevent other mothers from going through the same anguish as she did. She wants the council to make it happen.

This is going to sound heartless, but if she had been paying more attention to the whereabouts of her child when in the vicinity of the canal that child would never have fallen in, in the first place.

Short of committing The Council and CRT to a very costly fencing program maybe the relevant authorities should start proceedings to recover the costs of the emergency services which were only required due to HER negligence as a parent.

Too often today, when a problem occurs, ill-informed people demand measures are taken to stop other ill-informed people (negligent with their lives and the lives of those for whom they are responsible) from being stupid. Well I am sorry but the community pays enough for other people as it is without paying for fencing for parents that cant be arsed to look after their children.

Fencing has, in the past, been erected around a lock to prevent children falling in. A child climbing on the fence fell in and drowned. Fencing is not the answer!


Steve said...

I agree Maffi, perhaps, (and this too will sound heartless) the authorities should be looking into why a toddler was not being supervised properly by its mother in the first place.

David said...

Well said

Yvonne said...

Well said!
Maybe she should have a chat with social services, see what they have to say about it.

Henhouse said...

Totally agree with what you say.

I Expect to be branded Heartless Bastard / Racist / Homophobe / Ageist / Sexist ( delete as applicable ) For expressing a common sense attitude in today's crazy PC world.

jaybee said...

Well said, where was she when the kid went in?

Jay Bee.

Anonymous said...

What can I say?

You are completely correct, people learn from childhood that it's always someone else's fault.

They grow up wanting everything and prepared to take responsibility for nothing.

Good job I'm an easy going liberal - or I might get worked up about it.


bargemast said...

It's too easy to blame your own stupidity and neglectance on other people and CaRT.

She needs a very quick and serious training of how to look after her toddler, before it's too late.


Val Poore said...

Hear hear! It's just as well this particular mother doesn't live in NL. There are probably thousands of miles of unprotected drainage canals here. To date, I have not heard of a child falling in to one and drowning. Lesson, mothers look after their children.