Thursday, 11 April 2013

Blast from the past

This picture was taken in 95 I played the gig by the river in the middle of Chippenham. It was the weekend after the Folk Festival. The stage had been left up all week.

Can you believe I was a Sergeant in The Royal Air Force with that hair cut. It was a bone of contention for my Flight Sergeant who would take great exception to my ‘lack of military bearing’. He was a pompous git. He only gained his bearing from the broom handle shoved up his arse that he used for a back bone (think Fulton McKay in Porridge).

I still have that guitar, but the one in the background was traded in so my daughter could get a bass guitar for when she played in a band. That was a good thing because as well as it played it was very heavy and after 30 mins had to be changed for the lighter ‘STRAT’
Happy days


Stevertbant said...

Just Superb. I like it very much..

Maffi said...

Mr Anon, You need help have you ever considered stepping oput in front of a bus?