Monday, 22 April 2013


This is the proposed route of the High Speed Rail Link. Unlike the continental rail link which we are seeking to emulate (they run side by side with existing rail links) our HSRL will cut through virgin countryside, ancient woodland, farmers fields and cut up canals. Our ‘leaders’ such as they are are not fit to play with toy trains let alone be allowed to order up such a destructive plan as this.uk_rail_highspeed_226mapWhat amazes me is that they think the market value for a house is enough compensation for the destruction of the individual world of everyone affected.

They say it will help the economy, well given that it is not expected to be finished before 2026 I am appalled that they think the economy is going to take that long to sort out, another reason why they should not be allowed to be in charge.

Churchill looked like he was in charge, Maggie looked like she was in charge. David Cameron looks like he is about to piss in his trousers.

God save us from this buffoon and Eton old boys.

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grey wolf said...

Very true. What i find amazing is that it cuts so little time off travel from London to Birmingham at such a huge cost.This track also does not solve the East /West connection problem in this country and is likely only to be afforded by the type of people who got us into the mess in the first place