Sunday, 28 April 2013

I Love Hirers

If you take the hose off the drum then surely you can remember where you got it from a few minutes later when you have finished with it?

Or am I being too simplistic?Photo0083

This was a hire boater, nb Trinity. He used it to fill his water tank. We cant be too angry coz this hose is the hose that me and other people, with a shit tank, stuff down the hole into the tank to rinse it out.  The last few inches of this hose is highly toxic, which is why the sign says:-


I trust College Cruisers have a few buckets around the yard because they are going to need them.

Ya haf ter larf!


Steve said...

I wonder if the hirer will need a pump out and not his boat if the hose is that toxic LOL

deb (nz) said...

There is hope! Some of us, and all by other selves too, managed to work out that if the cap to the water tank is painted blue and the hose supplied for filling the water tank is also blue, then when choosing which shore based hose to use, we should probably pick the blue one. :-)
It's the next set of hirers I feel sorry for.
deb (nz)

Maffi said...

I have informed the hire company Deb but whether or not they take any notice is anyones guess.