Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Maggie’s Bar-B-Q

I have been untouched by the funeral today other than by reading comments on twitter. I did find some amusing words there which if you missed them you can see below.

"Thatcher is reviled in parts of the country that are less important" - yes, Charles Moore actually just said that on Five Live.

Carol Thatcher - Beloved mother always in our thoughts, yeah right died alone in a hotel room  buried by the state, socialism WINS  Bye Bye

What do you mean where's the respect & decency!?! THIS IS THATCHERS BRITAIN!

George Osborne wipes a tear from his eye as he realises he is now the most hated politician alive.

Dennis Skinner: When I worked down the pit & somebody died 4 people wheeled them out and rest of us kept working

David Dimbleby: "Now one of Lady Thatcher's favourite FILMS... er hymns"

Ed Miliband looks about as comfortable as a girl guide outside Jimmy Savile’s House.”

I'm sure some of the folk watching have been there since Diana's funeral in '97 and they've been too scared to move in case they miss summat

I am very proud that some British people have not forgotten our proud rich, history of dissent and booed her funeral.

Thatcher's Funeral: Please can this be over now?

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