Monday, 29 April 2013

Spam emails

I get emails like this all the time. Of course Jonathan Gascoigne is just a scumbag who spends his day sending out emails to all and sundry. @He has no connection with FaceBook whatsoever!imageIf I click on the link I get the TORONTO DRUG COMPANY. They sell among other things Viagra and Calais. Clicking on that button that says ‘go to facebook’ doesn’t take you there. By right clicking on the button and selecting ‘properties’ you will find a link that, again, has no connection to facebook at all. which in turn takes you to Toronto Drugs.

Toronto Drugs are not the only ones who do this sort of thing Express Pharmacy, Pharmacy Express, Online Pharmacy, Canadian Pharmacy et al. It is all a big con trick. It is not salesmanship of any kind. It is simply a bunch of corporate sanctioned scumbags filling up your email service.

I always put them in the blocked senders list. My list has a 1000 or more of these people. Block one and ten more appear. What I really would like is for my email service to have a basket that I can just drop these emails into instead of having to cut and paste the addy into a page that is three clicks way.

Despite companies (drug and email) saying they are committed to stopping spam it would seem they are really putting in very little effort.

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