Friday, 26 April 2013

The Continuous Avoider

According to a boater in the london area, “the CRT are randomly picking up boaters in the London area for not being on a ‘genuine journey’ despite them moving every two weeks.

Well I am sorry for them, but you could move everyday and still not be on a genuine journey. Continuous Cruising is not about moving every two weeks, it’s about being on a ‘Continuous’ journey around the system, not up and down the Regents canal

They go on to say:- However CRT are also unable to tell them how far they need to move to be on a genuine journey (because they are actually not allowed to specify).

I don’t have a problem with that. If they are not allowed to tell you that’s fine, but if you want to know read the rules that you signed for. I take it you are claiming to be CCers.

Further more:- (snip), but I am worried those targeted will be those with local jobs and low incomes.

Well thinks I. The news papers will love that. The trouble is the papers will report what the london boaters say, they will not understand why they say it.

Let’s understand it if we can. If you need to be in one place for work, school etc  you are NOT a Continuous Cruiser. You may have signed the Continuous Cruiser Declaration but you know in your own heart that was bullshit. You signed it probably because some other boater said “yeah you can do XYZ no one ever checks”. So what you are is a twat for listening to a chancer who will not be there where the shit hits the fan.

Don’t blame the system because it doesn’t work like you want it to. If you need to be in one place you can call your self a Continuous Avoider. Do not tarnish the name of the Genuine CCer.


Dave,Beryl Bradshaw said...

Nail on head hit again.
How can you have children in school and hold down a job and continuously cruise may be a new licence category
is needed.

John said...

With Ref to Dave above. A new category is not needed, those trying to cheat the system just need to pay for a mooring.

If they can't find or afford one in the area where they work then they will need to moor elsewhere and commute to work like the rest of us.

Dave,Beryl Bradshaw said...

Point taken in the ideal world

Maffi said...

I would agree John. I once worked with a chap that traveled 100 miles from Bingham to Aylesbury 5 days a week. Whilst I wouldnt expect people to travel that far there is no reason why they should by default live on top of their job.

Even in Saudi I traveled 90Km a day to the airfield.

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