Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Theft on a boat

An avid reader of my blog, Keith, is on holiday on a narrow boat. He is currently at Cropredy where, after a pleasant evening in the pub, he and his friends returned to their boats to find one had been broken into. The thieves had jimmied the padlock off nb Farnborough and stolen two cameras this happened between 8 & 9 on Tuesday night. Police were called to the scene

I find it extremely annoying that people think they can mooch around your belongings like they are at Tesco’s. Having been robbed twice myself  and vandalised I am pig sick of this. I think the spinning swords activated when the perp is in the middle of the boat might be effective. I had contemplated a ripple flash and an ear drum splitting siren. This might have a very confusing effect when as the swords begin to spin as the thief stumbles blindly around and is shredded to pulp.

There is nothing like a bit of self protection for dissuading a thief from repeat offending.


Kevin said...

Whilst this sounds like an excellent idea in practice it would make one hell of a mess that you would be left to clear up... need a rethink on the spinning swords :)

Dave,Beryl Bradshaw said...

Chop the ****ard's hand off

Maffi said...

You have a point there Keith