Thursday, 9 May 2013

Back in January

When I started out on my journey last year I stopped in Banbury because the Banbury Canal Day was in progress. I was seconded to read Muddy Waters stories for the children while waiting for the star attraction, Prunella Scales, to arrive. During the weekend we all watched a film called The Longest Narrowboat Journey in the World. An interesting film if somewhat spoiled by the band playing the sound track live and some weird distracting girl ‘dancing’. The film need a voice over, less music and an absence of the ‘dancer’. Whether she was interpreting the film or the music I don’t know, but at one point it seemed she was enacting having a baby (general consensus).

Anyway on my way up the Macclesfield Canal some time later I saw the very boats moored on the side of the canal. Cool!


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Lawrence Jupp said...

While out cruising on Tuesday we spotted the Motor boat and Tewkesbury moored at the Shady Oak on the SUC.
Having then followed them towards our mooring near Chester, your comments about film making make sense!
Every so often the steerer would point a huge camera out from the boat, obviously recording there longest narrowboat journey!