Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Burrowing crayfish damage canal banks

I have only just found this but I have a question. BW/CRT know that crayfish burrow into banks and cause collapse so why are they setting up “Conservation Areas” along the Oxford Canal. We have Signal Crayfish here. They do enough damage yet we are still having these conservation areas foisted upon us. There is no excuse for this to continue happening around the system.


Can we not agree to have the conservation areas on the off side of the canal.

What we need is crayfish traps and recipes.


Newbury Today

Sunday, 06th Feb 2011

Reporter: Eddie van der Walt Reporter

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BRITISH Waterways has been forced to use special measures to protect the Kennet and Avon Canal from damage by an invasive species of crayfish.
American Signal Crayfish, which are already competing with endangered native crayfish species, are now being blamed for causing extensive damage to the canal banks.
The crayfish burrow into the canals, using their tails as scoops and a senior engineer at British Waterways, David Berezynskyj, that it can affect the stability of the banks.
He said: “Some of these banks are like Swiss cheese.
“We need to act to avoid any serious damage and reduce the risk of the embankment breaching.”
He said that people from British Waterways, the organisation which cares for 2,200 miles of the country's canals and rivers, are now layering woven sheets of a strong, plastic-like material, called polypropylene, into the K&A canal banks as part of their dredging process, which is much more attractive than using steel banks.
The works, which will cost £250,000 and will take 10 weeks to complete, was started on January 21 and will see the canal bank from Hambridge Road to Bulls Lock and at Greenham Lock repaired and stabilised using material dredged from the canal.


nb AmyJo said...

This is probably forced appon the C&RT by Natural England, a government agency who have more power than sense.

Their soul existance is to protect wildlife and forna to such an extent they have no respect for human needs.

We sail the river Dee in Cheshire that is suffering because of the willow trees that are slowly choking the river but Natural England's will not allow them to be cut down or managed properly as their only concern is that these trees provide wildlife habitat. The fact that this will have a serious impact to Chester if this is allowed to continue falls on deaf ears as far as Natural England is concerned.

Malcolm said...

Hi Maffi

Butterfly motorways again!