Monday, 6 May 2013

It makes me mad!!!

Just south of Langford Lane Bridge, about 15 paces there is a bin for the disposal of Doggie doo. It is a convenient bin for the doo doo collector in that there is somewhere to park nearby and they can just come down the steps by the bridge and take away the doo doo. They have a relatively small van and are not equipped to collect anything other than doo doo. This is the case with most doo doo bins!

So why I ask do the general populace not understand this. There are not the facilities in place to collect other rubbish. Now in this picture you can see three bin liners full of ‘other rubbish’ I don’t know but I am guessing that one bag, the black one was dumped there and the other two grey ones followed simply because the first bag appeared, them being a different colour. This could be either boaters or locals or both.Photo0131_001What is most annoying is that about 100 yards south down the canal is a waste disposal point and 3/4 of a mile north is Thrupp disposal point so these people are totally f***ing lazy, ignorant dumb bastards. What we need is a Euthanasia Law in this country to terminate these people because it would seem they are of no use to society whatsoever!

I shall be in touch with the fly tipping department tomorrow!

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