Thursday, 16 May 2013

Extra £99 'too much for families'

“Almost half of families would be in danger of falling over the edge if they had to find an extra £99 a month to pay their bills, a study has found.”

This is an amazingly stupid thing to say. Force people on to minimum wage and have a study to see if they can take more shit. The incompetence of this government knows no boundaries. If there is not a revolution in the very near future I will be very surprised.

If Cameron wont go then maybe it is up to the military to make him or take him out for good.

For an extra 50p I would shoot George Osborne.


Henhouse said...

For all that is wrong in this country I still believe it is the best place in the world to live.

We have a health service that is free at source to all. Which does it's best to cope with all our ills. Despite a growing and ageing population.

Sometimes it gets things badly wrong, but overall I'm glad it's there.

Despite the massive burden of debt left to us by Blair and Brown, who effectively bought every vote cast for them with benefits hand outs, we have avoided a large rise in unemployment.

Compared to Europe and USA, we are in relatively good shape.

Companies such as Land Rover & Rolls Royce are booming.

If we stop squandering money on benefits to people who don't need it, we could give more to those who genuinely do.

When I went to our village school 40+ years ago we all walked there and back. Today the roads are blocked with cars picking up the kids. Cars paid for by child benefit and tax credits.

Yes, we do have some people suffering desperate times, but looking at conditions in some countries I think we also have a strange definition of poverty.

John said...

Hi Maffi,

As much as, like you, I want to see the back of this Government I don't think suggesting that the military be used to remove Cameron is a good idea. Be careful what you wish for.


The debt left by the Labour Government, was caused by bailing out the banks (up until the banking crises the national debt was being reduced).

Given that the alternatives were to borrow money to bail out the bankers or let the bankers actions ruin the country, what would you have done?

Are you seriously suggesting that everyone of the 8.6 million votes cast for Labour in 2010 was receiving a benefit handout?

I think your other wild assertion that cars used to pick up kids from schools are all paid for by child benefit and tax credits has some validity to it, given that parents of school age children receive child benefit. However I suspect the majority of the families concerned would argue that their wages pay for the car and the CB is spent on the children.


Maffi said...

I really dont understand you point.

This bunch of clown and the previous lot have/are destroying this country.

Why are surveys being done to determine if people can be squeezed a bit more. We are becoming a third world nation and the government is planning its demise.

Yes we do have a good health service but how much longer will that last . Once 'Dave' has sold it off to his mates do you really think it will continue to be free!!

Malcolm said...

Hi Maffi
I'll put 50p in the post!