Monday, 20 May 2013


GGMS is an abbreviation for God Give Me Strength. I have used it as a title before. Me not being a God botherer you will know that I only use this term under severe stress!

This is the severe stress bit!!!

Wherever I see it I have to speak out against stupidity, yes even mine. I saw this on the forum.  The owner of a boat  somewhere in Nuneaton thinks these would make a good alternative to mooring pins. What are they?


I will tell you what they are, they are they are F***ING TENT PEGS!!! Yes you heard me the first time tent pegs. That down leg is only six inched long. Barely long enough to get past the grass roots let alone hold a 15 ton boat on a busy waterway!!!

The web site says:- 

Award winning tent peg design
100% stainless steel construction
Tested to 200Kg.Will not corrode.
(I carry that much coal on my 16,000 Kg boat)
Made from 1.5mm 304 grade stainless steel channel section.
Satin Finish
Single anchors available on request.

Anybody who thinks these are a suitable alternative to mooring pins is too stupid to be allowed out on a boat.

I shall make a formal complaint to CRT and request they withdraw his licence before he does himself or anyone else any harm. GGMS!!!

NOTE:- These are not Rhond Anchors they are tent pegs.

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Malcolm said...

Hi Maffi
I hope nobody buys them, they'll be a bugger to throw away!