Tuesday, 7 May 2013

I like a good read. . . .

, , , ,  but judging by these comments I don't think I will be buying this particular book.

Frighteningly, shockingly bad.

I found a copy of this in a charity shop the other day and decided to spend a pound out of curiosity. Mistake.

If it can be had for 99p or less and with 320 pages, plus blank leaves, it is quite a lot of toilet-paper for your money.

"It was a shock - absolutely awful. I felt pathetic

An outstanding compendium of arsegravy as this astonishing failure discovers yet another job he is hopelessly inept at.

Slow, shallow, unconvincing,

Rubbish from start to finish.

Worst book I have ever read.

I must say, the level of talent displayed by ******* has given me the confidence boost I sorely needed,

Utter drivel!

This, this, this is the worst most illiterate brain numbing book ever produced, in case you failed to understand the previous, in short it is crap, period.

This "book" brought to mind human excrement pouring (nay, gushing) out a hole.

How  any publisher could even consider wasting paper on this drivel is beyond me.

I read this trash with an open mind. Or at least I tried to. In the end I had to stop since I could not stop laughing at the "author"'s apparent lack of ability to function on a human level as expressed through his characters.

I bought this item with an open mind only to find that as the bland predictable prose give way to a banal plot I became more and more full of vitriol and despair. I slipped into a deep and uncompromising depression, the depths of which I may never return.

So to whom do they refer?

The Devils Tune is written by none other than Iain Duncan Smith. So apparently not only is he a twat, but he cant write either. GO JET!!!


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