Friday, 24 May 2013

Just thinking!

I was very pleased to hear that licence evasion was down below 4%. Then I got to thinking, “How many boats are there?” IIRC its about 38,000. 4% of 38,000  1520. If you assume the average licence fee is £500 that makes a deficit of £760,000. That's only what is owed on one year. And what would we do with £3/4 million pounds. Well it could be given to the bosses for bonuses. If they felt that they deserve a bonus then let them go out and collect it. I wouldn’t begrudge them a bonus if they had reduced the deficit directly i.e. driving out to an unlicensed boat and getting the money and back payments that the CRT are owed!

I think we could all l live with that!

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John said...

Hi Maffi,

To encourage the reporting of unlicensed boats C&RT could offer a small reward (from any overdue licence fee collected) to the person who had first reported the boat.

That would have two positive benefits:-

1) Increase the revenue for C&RT.
2) Encourage those who moan about unlicensed boats to go out and doing something about it.