Friday, 10 May 2013

Mooring Consultation

So the South East Mooring Consultation has finally been published. And once again the CRT has demonstrated it has no idea how to run a waterway. They have displayed a total lack of understanding of how the waterways work and what people do on the waterways.
It is preposterous that while the Trust are wasting time and money on this colossal clusterfuck their local enforcement officer is making promises she has no right to do and telling people they can get housing benefit to pay mooring fees and licences when she has no concept of the problems people have.
This consultation is not about ‘fairness’ at honey pot sites but about stopping people enjoying the waterway. I mean a two day limit in Oxford is laughable. Oxford has five or six Museums, four Theatres about six cinemas and myriad colleges that have history that go back ten times further than CRT/BW ever could.
It has the old and famous boat houses, the locations of ALICE in Wonderland, probably more water courses that Venice has canals and a whole host of interesting stuff to do and see. I could spend two weeks in the ASHMOLEAN Museum and there’s the Museum of CHILDREN’S LITERATURE, another couple of days. The COUNTY Museum, the NATURAL HISTORY Museum, the PITT RIVERS. The almost countless college chaples. The PLAY HOUSE, the NEW Theatre, the OFS Theatre. Oxford is also home to the BURTON/TAYLOR Theatre. There is the CARFAX Tower, the Covered Market, the parks, Christchurch Meadow. The TURF TAVERN, EAGLE and CHILD, LAMB and FLAG a whole host of others that have been featured in Morse and dozens of other literary works. Lets not forget the Bodlian Library, the Sheldon Theatre, the Radcliffe Camera, the Science Museum, the Alice Shop. I could continue but it would take me more than 48 hours to list them all and I don’t want to get an over stay charge.
On the subject of the overstay charge. . . IT IS NOT A CHARGE its a fine. Were it a charge it would be £5-£8 pro-rata the cost of mooring in the area. £25 is equivalent to £9125 pa. A ‘charge’ has to be fair. When it ceases to be fair and becomes punitive it is a fine, and £9125 is punitive. Of course one wouldn't expect a shelf stacker from M&S to understand that, no one would expect him to understand anything apart from his over inflated salary.
These people are no more important than my blog and we all know how important that is.
The biggest problem I find with the consultation is the need to keep thinking ‘what do the regulations say for this bit and what do they say for that bit. I’m sorry but boaters shouldn’t have to be continually worrying about when they need to move. When can they come back, where can they go next. Most people I see on the water come here to get away from petty rules and up yaself bureaucrats. This consultation has made the life a pain in the arse for lots of people. It has done it because of that age old problem ‘Bureaucratic incompetence’. Had our shelf stackers done their job in the first place this situation would never have arisen. There is as problem because CRT/BW made it and like all clusterfucks its the guy at the bottom that gets shat on.
We have always lived our lives by queuing it’s the natural order of things, you know, first come first served. If you want to be at the front of the queue then get there early. It is no good turning up at somewhere like Thrupp at after 6pm expecting to get moored outside the pub, it aint gonna happen! Its not because the people there are overstaying it is simply that they got up early moved their boat arrived mid afternoon and moored up. If you didn’t get there till nearly dark tough shit. Don’t go shedding tears in the laps of the great wage earners. They wont fix it for you , but they will fuq it for everyone else.


Pengalantyblog said...

Hi Maffie,

I have just read your blog statement.

It is so true and what you say is so correct. I agree with simply every word you have written and could not add, or improve your statement of facts!

I am sure that all other "Real" canal boaters will think the same as you!

A "Great" statement. I support it.

Sincere regards, ~Allan~ nb.pengalanty

John Sloan said...

I well thought out post

Maffi said...

Thank you guys

Malcolm said...

Hi Maffi
Couldn't agree more.

Malcolm said...

They should concentrate on licence dodgers. I went from Rugby to Long Itchington on the bank holiday weekend and counted at least 27 boats displaying out of date licences, or not displaying a licence.
I'm told a boat has been moored for more than a month opposite the Boat House pub in Braunston, but despite complaints CRT have done nothing to remove it. So much for their 'licence it or lose it' policy!