Friday, 31 May 2013


Down in Wiltshire the Fire Service is to walk along the K&A giving away free smoke alarms. HOLD IT! we have the BSC why aren’t Smoke Alarms on that already. What about Gas Alarms and CO Alarms. Of all the crap that has been added to the test recently no one thought to add alarms?

I though it funny at the time of my last BSC that the smoke alarm that was “open and battery free” following an earlier bacon sandwich which always sets off the alarm, was passed with barely a second glance and nothing said whatsoever by the engineer. Now I know why!

I am annoyed that some of the things that they check are not as important as alarms and certainly not as correctable. The vents in my doors were not up to spec. I was definitely not going to get the holes cut bigger and have bigger vents fitted. The boat has an RCD. If the RCD cannot fulfil its task of having boats built up to a standard then what is the point? And if the BSC is at odds with the RCD then again what is the point?

Maybe the BSC people need to have a chat with the RCD people and come to a common agreement so that a boat built to the RCD standard complies with the BSC. Why this hasn’t happened yet I don’t know, but it would make life easier all round if this was the case. Rocket Science it isn't!!!

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Malcolm said...

Hi Maffi
Rocket science it isn't, jobs for the boys it is.
Just had Meg BSC'd and the examiner was very helpful and informative.
He said he thinks there's too much room for examiners to 'interpret' the rules and that's where pedantry and the jobsworth effect comes in.