Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Skankey B*****ds

I had a little tripette out today to Shipton Weir Lock. My day boat ran out of gas and I had to take a new bottle on my bike! Arriving at the moored location of the day boat I noticed some litter on the lock side. What disgusting people some boaters are! (Note it hasn’t got a cap on it and its nearly full). On my travels I have picked up three of these. What is it in the brains of these idiots that makes them think that it is OK to leave their ‘shit’ here and that some hard pressed CRT worker makes regular trips along the canal to pick up their  trash. I wish I knew who it was.
I think euthanasia is too good for them.

Do you remember a film called Executive Decision? I wonder if a scaled down version might be set up on the canals.

2_Photo0210Its nothing to do with the boat in the lock at all.

I had to leave it because I was carrying an empty gas bottle. If you happen to be coming this way and see it is still there would you be a dear and bring it down to Thrupp and we will dispose of it

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