Saturday, 8 June 2013

A meeting is to take place

A boaters meeting is to be held on the 12th June, 2013. Doors open from 6pm, start time 7pm, at the Masonic Centre, rear of 263 Queensway, Bletchley (Fenny Stratford end), MK2 2BZ.
Topics to be discussed include ‘Bone fide’ navigation and visitor moorings. There will also be the opportunity to discuss other current issues affecting boaters.

I find it incredulous that little groups of boaters are getting together to discuss the meaning of terms when there are perfectly good sources in almost every home.

Definition of BONA FIDE :

made in good faith without fraud or deceit.

In layman's terms what that means is, if you sign to say that you are going to be a continuous cruiser knowing that you will be staying in one area hopping from bridge then you are a deceitful fraud.

When groups start discussing the meaning of words and phrases that are clearly defined then their only purpose in doing so would be to try to change the rules that they don’t like.

The word continuous can be attached to other words to define three distinct groups of boater.

Continuous Cruiser
Travels the canals of England and Wales, often all 2000 miles of it. He/she doesn’t need to ask what ‘bona fide’ means because he can read.

Continuous Moorer
Would like to travel the canals of England and Wales (or so he says), but hasn’t learned how to untie his ropes. Doesn’t ask what bona fide means because if he does he will have to learn to untie his ropes.

Continuous Avoider
Moves just far enough to ‘avoid’ getting a ticket and then comes back again. Wants to redefine the meaning of bona fide because they are pissed off moving every 14 days.

You might like to question my interpretation of these terms but the term ‘bona fide’ is in the dictionary or you can google it, no need for a meeting.

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