Monday, 3 June 2013


I would like to say a big thank you to all the revellers who turned up for the Canalival last weekend in London.

You have demonstrated that you are not worthy to be called humans. If ever there was a case for fencing the canal off from the likes of you this was it.

Alcohol and water does not mix unless it is in a glass. You have displayed to the nation that many of you are unfit to live in the city and should be deported to a rock in the middle of the ocean.

Destroying public property!
Damaging boats.
Defecating in public places!
Being a general arse!

Our canal system is 200 years old and revered by hundreds of thousands as a national monument you treated it like you treat your shitty little back garden.

The scum floating on the canal is more socially acceptable than you people. Now get out there and clean up the mess you made. Skankey bastards!!! Don't come back until you have learned to behave.


paulikxp said...

We came through on the canal on Sunday evening and were wondering what had happened in Hackney with flat dingies all over the place and huge piles of rubbish everywhere. A fellow boater even got a coat in the propeller!

eeyore said...

Never heard of this event so I googled it. Apparently it was CANCELLED! Hackney Gazette went to town with a report on the havoc and trail of mayhem. A sign of the times: LAWLESSNESS.

Anonymous said...
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