Thursday, 27 June 2013

Day 4 to Teddington

This morning we were up at the sparrows fart. Mark had to catch a train to Oxford. We knocked on Les and Jaq’s boat while walking the dogs. No answer! Never mind we  wanted to move the boat before they came for their £8 so we drove around the island to moor in front of NB Valerie. A blast on the horn as we entered the stream bought Les and Jaq to the tow path. We moored up and went for morning tea. Unfortunately Mark had to leave to leave for the station but Sarah and I enjoyed a cuppa and were given cake when we left.

On our way down the Thames we were subjected to the antics of many rowers who but for the grace of God and my boat handling skills would have been well and truly splattered. Are these young people, who are after all the future of the country,  really so stupid?

At Sunbury lock a boat was moored at the backend leaving us no room to get in so we went to the front end. It became obvious that they were intending to go in the lock. Well sorry but there are rules. If you are going through the lock you moor at the front. In the lock when we were all moored I mentioned to the chap that he should have moored at the front, because I thought he was maybe stopping for lunch, hence the reason I entered the lock first. He said ‘No worries’. Sorry but no! There are worries! There is a system. We all need to follow the rules here. If you don’t others behind have no f***ing idea what you are doing. This means we have too make our decisions based on incomplete information. GET A GRIP!!! Learn the rules this is not a game.

Coming into Molesy Lock people started waving at us and calling my name from the garden of a pub ‘The WEIR’ Sue and Vic nb No Problem and Ken nb Dogma. SO we had to stop for a drink. Just the one mind. I wonder if Sue noticed this?


As we passed Hampton Court a chap on the bank asked what we were doing. I asked him to repeat what he said  but by then he had disappeared behind the trees so we left it at that. Next thing we know a small rock hit the tiller bar and bounced on the deck. There be injuns! Proceed with care.

More stupid rowers along the stretch to Teddington and we moored up on the moorings to await the lock in the morning.

Mark who had left us this morning had returned after collecting his car from Oxford and parking it in Brentford to be collected after we have traversed the tidal Thames to Brentford. Both Mark and Sarah wanted to do the Thames but have commitments else where for the rest of the journey.DSCF8547

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