Sunday, 30 June 2013

Day 7 on the Lea

I have had a day off today. Well when I say a day off I mean I didn’t move the boat. I went with Sally to the other end of the Hertford Canal. There I set off up the canal in search of a side hatch door which had shaken itself loose and fell overboard.

I walked up three locks before it hove into view lying on the lock surround. It had been hit by a propeller but is OK. At that particular lock on the up side there are two boats moored on the lock mooring. I met Ryan and Mrs Ryan on nb Valhalla who I last saw in Thrupp a few weeks ago.

I had walked about three miles but then I had to walk back to my boat probably about five miles carrying the door (about 20 lbs), which didn’t do my hips any good at all. I returned absolutely exhausted. I collapsed on the bed and slept.
DSCF8649There is some very good art work on the London canals

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