Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Day three

I was wrong yesterday when I said 16 miles I was counting bridge numbers not miles posts! The total was 44 miles Tuesday. Today we made about 38 miles. We are moored comfortably at Windsor. I thought we might pop along as say hello to aunty Elizabeth  but she is not in her Windsor house house this week.

I had a minor crunch near Henley with a 4 man  scull who insisted on cutting across my track at the last second giving me no time to avoid or stop. It will cost them a couple of grand for their repair! They tried to claim ‘Regatta boats have the right of way during the Regatta but that fell flat when when it was pointed out that it wasn’t Regatta week and outside of the Regatta course rules or the river apply.

Cries of “Ah but the Regatta Master…….” fell on deaf ears. They were in the wrong and they knew it. Someone was going to get their ass kicked for breaking their best boat. Even the lockie said he was pissed off with the antics of the the rowing teams this week.


Philip ,Chota Memsahib ll said...

The rowers are not just inconsiderate in Henley but all up the river.

They seem to think it is OK rowing four abreast leaving nowhere for other boaters to go

You are a lucky chap as you are one of the few who can now paint a "rowing four" on the bows

It may keep the others away!!

Anonymous said...

16 tons of steel verse's 200lbs of powder puff - no contest


Malcolm said...

Hi Maffi

What do you expect from people who go out in boats made from paper thin wood, face the wrong way and don't wear life jackets?