Saturday, 29 June 2013

London Day 6

I didn’t set off this morning until 10, I thought a lazy day was in order. Interesting travelling through London. Even more interesting when you get to Camden Locks. What ever you think about Camden it will one day be the scene of much Health and Safety work. It is only a matter of time before someone gets injured or worse.
What ever it is that makes people ignore the possibility of having their feet crushed, by a twenty ton boat, is one of the seven wonders of stupidity.
What ever it is that stops them from moving away from the edge and allowing boaters to work through the lock without having to step over people must be another of the seven wonders. Sitting on bollards, sitting around the steps makes trying to work the locks a very hard thing to do. And of course you are the one that is in the wrong.
Having said that what a wonderful part of London Camden is! Definitely worth a visit, with or without a boat. I think I will bring my boat up here next year and stay for a week or three.DSCF8635If you look closely behind the ground paddle there is someone sitting against the gate.
DSCF8640At Mile End I saw an old resident of Thrupp. You can see Rowan Reflected in the window.
I stopped for the night moored next to Sally on nb Daisy on the River Lea where I saw this boat.

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Carl said...

The odd looking boat is an oil rig lifeboat. The Daily Mail (I swear I only read it to catch up on what Helen Flanagan is up to) had an article on one: