Monday, 3 June 2013

Nick Cleg: a question.

Ok so three members of the House of Lords are being accused of dirty doings in the new ‘cash for questions’ scandal.

Deputy PM Nick Cleg in a Telegraph article this morning is saying the government are going to get on top of this and pass legislation to control it.

Nick Clegg is paid by the taxpayer to do such things (pass legislation), indeed he said three years ago that the government would be doing this , but since then they have sat on their hands and done bugger all!

Now I don’t know what a Deputy PM gets for an article in the Telegraph, but I think it’s a bit more than the £50 quid I get for my articles when I am lucky enough to get published.

My question is how is Nick Clegg taking money from the press for telling everyone that they are finally going to do that which they promised to do three years ago any different from three lords taking money and promising to do something in the future. Apart from the time reference Nick Clegg is no different to their Lordships, a money grabbing little shit.

We used to have a saying for people like him when I was a lad “Bent as a nine bob note”. I personally don’t think he is any better than those three lords. Were he not holding the protection of the post of the DPM he would have his arse well and truly kicked for dealings such as these. But of course we know both the PM and the DPM can do no wrong!!!

Is it any wonder we live in a society where any one who can get something for nothing does so in the firm belief that ‘if its all right for them its alright for us’ and damn the consequences.


Lyraboat said...

What makes you think Clegg was paid?

Maffi said...

He's an MP.