Friday, 7 June 2013

Richard Parry

Apparently Richard Parry, before he joins the Canal & River Trust, will be hiring a boat for a weekend and will also help to work a boat up the Wolverhampton 21 giving him the chance to see some of the waterways for himself. Well done sir!

I am a bit confused about  ‘some of the waterways’, if he does 20 miles that is just 1%. (he wont want to do more or he wont see anything) I wonder why he doesn’t hire a boat for a week or more. He will probably be able claim it on expenses as pre-employment training so it wont cost him anything.

The good thing is he will be doing the Wolverhampton 21 with John Sloane. John being a very down to earth character will probably be able tell him more about the waterways than the rest of CRT bosses know put together.

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John said...

Hi Maffi,

I bet there will gangs of C&RT workers greasing the lock mechanism on all 21 locks; making sure the anti-vandal locks all work and clearing the tow path of any rubbish before AP's weekend. Last year when I did the 21 one of the gates kept swinging open, I bet they sort that as well. Which as I'm planning to do the Four Counties ring in August and will have to use the Wolverhampton 21 twice I'm quite pleased about.

It would be much better if he didn't announce where he was going and then he would get a true idea of the condition of the canals.