Monday, 24 June 2013

The Epic Trip

Well today I set off to deliver a boat to London, but before I went I pumped my toilet out. It has been playing up yet again, but it was only urine and calcium five mins max. Three and a half hours later we set off on the epic journey. Following a bout of poo soup in the shower I was not best pleased. (nuff sed).

I am joined on this trip by my friends Mark and Sarah who have never done the Thames before. They will be with me until Teddington When they both have gigs to fulfil. So if you fancy a  trip up the GU, Regents, Lea and Stort my email is in my profile page.

The boat is very heavy on the tiller and I think I will be earning my supper on this trip.

All three of the locks from Langford Lane have stuff stuck behind the bottom gate. We got out but only just.

Moored up above Sandford Lock.

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