Monday, 3 June 2013

Well maybe ….

On the front page of the Sunday Times they led with the ‘questions for cash” scandal

The Mail on Sunday had the story on Page 7, at the bottom of the page! So what was so important that it knocked the QfC story off the front page. The MoS lead was about a secret love affair. They reported that ‘the PM was stunned’ and that the ‘Downing Street Agenda will be dead in the water’.

What struck me was that I had to wait until the second paragraph to find out that they were not going to tell  me who it was. The story was so secret that they could not disclose who the participating shaggers were and that the affair was now ‘concluded’ anyway. Had they  put that in the first paragraph I wouldn’t have bothered reading any further.

What a waste a of a front page for such a non story. Makes one wonder what they are hiding. What juicy piece of propaganda was slipped in under the cover of this so called “Exclusive”.

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