Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Duck Soup

When the winter comes and natural food is scarce for the wildlife you might like to make an effort to put out some wild bird food or go feed the ducks.

Currently it is summer and wildlife food is plentiful. There is no need to feed the wildlife. Feeding the wildlife at this time of year make them lazy. They may not survive the onset of winter.

Feeding ducks bread is pointless it fills them up but has no nutritional value, hence they could suffer from malnutrition. Mouldy bread carries botulism a duck killer. If the botulism doesn’t get them they could get a condition called Angel Wings from the bleach in the flour, this stops them from flying and makes them fox food. Feeding bread makes ducks tame. I can take a tame duck and wring its neck in the blink of an eye. In two blinks I can unzip it, take its coat off and stick it in the cooking pot. Ducks are part of the food chain. You will kill them with your misplaced kindness.

Of course when you have fed the ducks and buggered off they assume all boats will feed them and they wake me up at 5 in the morning tapping on the hull expecting to get fed. I will be pissed off at this and will get them ready for the pot irrespective of a recent Sainsbury’s trip.

I don’t mind if you feed ducks it saves me trips to the supermarket, but how many ducks do you kill?

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Wozie nb Oakfiled said...

You should see the 'giant' ducks on the Wiver Weaver Maffi, I reckon one of those would last you a week!